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Strong, yet content with the little things in life, the overlooked Taurus needs their moment in the spotlight! The Taurus know of their greatness, but they are not one to brag about their gifts.

For a sign that is typically content with what they have, it can be hard finding a gift for a Taurus. That is why Gesture figured out all their gifting needs for you. Before we do that, let’s first focus on some of the unique characteristics of the Taurus.

Taurus is the Latin word for bull. The bull represents strength, tenacity, and power. A bull left alone is actually quite the joy to see. Once

agitated a bull won’t hesitate to charge. The bull representation shows us all what the Taurus is capable of. It shows us a level of calmness and stability that can easily be misinterpreted as someone who is docile. The average Taurus likely prefers things this way, to be overlooked and underestimated so that when they strike their victory is that much more satisfying.

Due to the bull-like persona attached to the Taurus, many people assume that they come along with a very stubborn attitude. While this is true to some degree, their stubbornness is normally justified.

They like stability, steadiness, and are committed to their own comfort. So the stubbornness stems from them being drawn away from a path that has a history of working for them.

Because of the Taurus ability to thrive in comfort and stability this normally makes them a good friend to confide in and they make for great listeners. Once you get a Taurus fully invested, they are all in! Just like a bull, it’s all gas and no breaks.

Add to a Taurus’ comfort and stability by sending them a bottle of white wine from Gesture. Don’t make it a surprise, the predictability is what the Taurus admires. Download the Gesture app and check out of our wonderful gifting options for any and all signs!

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