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Gesture is stepping up in its journey of making gifting more gratifying. Our mission has always been to simplify the process of online gifting and because of that, gifting with Gesture is now as easy as ordering online takeout. This is all thanks to the newest update, Gesture 4.0! It includes some wild new features including, my personal favorite, categories! Now, users are able to swiftly choose from any of our rather unique categories and quickly send out their gifts. Users are even able to create their own categories. On top of this, if your category is among the top used the creator(s) can receives prizes! Some of our preprogrammed categories consist of the very chill, “Bruuuh,” and the more meaningful, “It’s been a minute.” However, perhaps my favorite is the category, “You’re ma b!tch,” cause you know I have to show my baddies some love.

One of the most frustrating parts of buying a gift is knowing when and where to present it (how punny). Gesture has eliminated this problem by implementing a new algorithm. Now, all your recipient has to do is create an online account with their address. Once a gift is chosen the recipient can then accept your gift on the determined date and time. If the chosen time doesn’t work for them, well, they can reschedule. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what if they reject my gift? Gesture now issues GestureCash to apply to any future gifts. Even rejections can come with benefits. Cha-Ching!

Screen names (G-tags) will quickly run through the ever-present “process of elimination” as gifting patrons rush to activate accounts under their first and last names. Avoid being “@user 395280” and enjoy yourself by creating a personal G-tag before all the good ones are taken. The Gesture 4.0 update now has a new and improved color palette so if nothing has peeked your interest thus far, maybe some artistic enhancement will suit your fancy. Naturally, the Gesture colors revolve around their iconic purple, yellow, white, and blue, but there is more contrast and experimentation than the 2.0 version of the app. This entire transformation has been an incredible learning experience and we are excited for you to celebrate with us. Gifting without pressure, send a Gesture.

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