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group of people making toast

1. Select a high-quality bottle of wine. This is not the time to skimp on quality. Your clients will be able to tell the difference between a cheap bottle of wine and a high-quality one. If you’re not sure which wine to select, consult with a sommelier or someone here at Gesture. They’ll be able to help you select a bottle that’s within your budget and that will impress everyone and anyone.

2. Include a personalized note. A simple, handwritten note goes a long way in making people feel special. In your note, thank them for simple things such as your friendship or a special memory, and let them know how much you appreciate their continued support. It’s the personal touches like this that will really make your housewarming gift stand out from the rest.

3. Send it in a beautiful gift box. Once you’ve selected the perfect bottle of wine, don’t just send it in an ordinary cardboard box! Go the extra mile and let us know that you want this delivered in a beautiful wooden gift box. This is something that anyone can use over and over again. They’ll be sure to remember your thoughtfulness every time they use it.

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