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Portrait of a Designer

I had the pleasure of interviewing… Himanshu Bharadwaj Himanshu is a digital nerd with the mind of a Himalayan yogi. His experience spans marketing, brand, and user experience design to make people laugh, cry and reach for their wallets at … Read More

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.

Tony Robbins

The Importance of Love Language

Knowing your love language can help you keep a strong relationship with those around you. While knowing someone’s typical way of giving affection may seem like an easy task, it actually takes some digging to get the true meaning behind … Read More

group of people making toast

How to Give a Wine Housewarming Gift That Will Impress Your Friends and Fam

1. Select a high-quality bottle of wine. This is not the time to skimp on quality. Your clients will be able to tell the difference between a cheap bottle of wine and a high-quality one. If you’re not sure which … Read More

The Best Way to Celebrate with Champagne

  There are few things more exhilarating than popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate a special occasion. The sound of the cork popping, the fizz of the bubbles, and the sense of occasion that comes with drinking champagne … Read More

Catching up with Ryan VanElslander

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan VanElslander, VP of Sales at Ekos. Ryan is an experienced Sales Leader with a highly successful sales background across multiple industries. A proven leader with the innate ability to lead, motivate and produce … Read More

Showing Employee Appreciation: 3 Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

As a business owner, it’s important to show your employees appreciation. A happy employee is a productive employee, after all. But finding ways to show your appreciation that won’t break the bank can be tough. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. … Read More

african american female freelancer using laptop and drinking coffee

Attracting Great Talent

As a business owner, you know that your company is only as good as the team you’ve assembled. But what do you do when you’re looking for top talent to join your team? How can you ensure that you’re attracting … Read More

The Gesture Journey: Best Gifting App?

Gesture is stepping up in its journey of making gifting more gratifying. Our mission has always been to simplify the process of online gifting and because of that, gifting with Gesture is now as easy as ordering online takeout. This … Read More

Cut the Bull it is Taurus Season!

Strong, yet content with the little things in life, the overlooked Taurus needs their moment in the spotlight! The Taurus know of their greatness, but they are not one to brag about their gifts. For a sign that is typically … Read More